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IP Surveillance shifted to a new level with Open Standard SIP based IP Cameras. Megapixel HD images, two way Audio, connectivity to VoIP, Access Control and POS making fully integrated security solutions a reality.

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IP Surveillance applications from custom configured monitoring solutions to face recognition & license plate recognition systems, situation analysis, two way communications, access control, connectivity to IP phone, texting and cell phone networks. Open Standards make converged custom solutions a reality for specialized ABP Technology resellers.

Mobotix IP Cameras
cameras are Intelligent Endpoints that operate decentrally and are highly scalable. 1-1000+ camera solutions. Mobotix Includes SIP based 2-way Audio, feature rich trigger options on audio, video, digital thermometer, infrared presence and other events. Automatic emails with JPGs of images when alarms triggered, warning calls by camera to phones or paging systems with pre-recorded messages and more.

Mobotix MxControlCenter
is a State of the Art platform for configuring and programming a sophisticated monitoring application for MOBOTIX and AXIS PTZ cameras. ABP also offers other software packages for monitoring and conrolling devices and access including Java based tool boxes for custom dashboards, access control and custom monitoring applications.

IP Access Controle-Data Access Control products are intelligent, IP based products, with world class multi-technology biometric readers. The line is complete with the lowest cost and highest performance open architecture design. e-DATA Biometrics is the most secure way to identify and authenticate personnel. Passwords or PINs can be forgotten, shared, observed, and tokens such as access cards, smartcards and keyfobs can be loaned, lost, broken, or stolen.

Overland Snapserver™
is ABP's and MOBOTIX's preferred storage solution. Tested for high load and high bandwidth, highload mega pixel cameras. Overland Snap-On provides a controlled and expandable environment for your camera system.

From small remote location servers to large remote RAID clusters Overland covers call.

ABP provides infrastructure enabling solutions like high-end POE switches for highbandwidth megapixel cameras, POE and Ethernet extenders, Coax to Ethernet converters Veracity and and much more.

Security and phone systems need long running power backups. Minuteman is the leader in battery duration. IP paging, IP PA, Wireless backup and other redundancy solutions are also to be considered.

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