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Mx-MSP™ by IPTechView™ at ISC-West

DALLAS, TX - April 4, 2018 - IPTechViewTM announces it will be presenting Mx-MSPTM a hosted Managed Services Platform for MOBOTIX cameras at ISC West, as a Technology Alliance Partner at MOBOTIX booth #16089 this year.

Mx-MSPTM is a secure remote system health monitoring & management platform that gives partners a secure way to immediately be alerted to incidents and respond by performing remote maintenance or security updates in record time.

Robert Messer, President of IPTechViewTM, " Mx-MSPTM combines incredible visibility with the ability to immediately respond and also tracks the times spent by partners from warnings and alerts to acknowledgement and resolution. Not only will it help MOBOTIX integrators exceed up-time expectations, but will also help them bill more for their services both ad-hoc and RMR based "

Joe Byron, MOBOTIX VP for the Americas says "Mx-MSPTM by IPTechViewTM will empower MOBOTIX partners by giving them the ability to respond much quicker and offer service in a much wider geography. MOBOTIX’s unique decentralized IP camera solution is particularly well suited for geographically disperse projects and Mx-MSPTM will help partners offer a unique level of service."

In addition to supporting MOBOTIX cameras, Mx-MSPTM will also monitor and manage Overland NAS for video storage, Kentix multi-sensors for environmental monitoring as well as certain brands of routers and switches enabling partners to create 100 remotely manageable installations.

About IPTechViewTM

IPTechView is a Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) platform specializing in IP Technology applications like unified communications, physical security, wired & wireless infrastructure. The platform goes beyond the PC and traditional RMM monitoring and specializes in decentralized and IOT devices. IPTechView is a 100 web-based and hosted multi-tenant, multi-vendor tool to ease the lives of Technology Partners everywhere. The company serves IT integrators, resellers, VARs, MSPs, ITSPs and WISPs.

Find out more at www.iptechview.com or for questions email info@iptechview.com.



All over the world sites are protected by using MOBOTIX IP video technology. It delivers absolute reliability even in the most challenging conditions. From Oil Rigs in the North Sea, to World Heritage Sites in remote deserts, whether it is helping scientists at an Arctic research center or greeting climbers at the top of Mount Everest; MOBOTIX equipment is designed with no moving parts to provide the best overall return on investment. An extended operating lifetime is guaranteed and further enhanced by continual software upgrades.


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