IP Technology Distribution

ISONAS offers scalable Access Control without all the fuss. With traditional Access Control you need more equipment, more cabling, more complexity, more time, and more cost.

Proven Innovation

ISONAS patented PowerNet™ reader-controller provides the first “pure IP” to the door solution that eliminates the need for a separate power supply, control panel and dedicated hard wiring.

Greater Value

to traditional systems that require more equipment, labor and maintenance, the total cost of ownership is far less.

Total Flexibility

The ability to easily integrate with other systems and go where other access control solutions can’t gives you the freedom to adapt to changing needs.

Video Management System Integration

The ISONAS approach to integration is revolutionary for the industry. Until recently access control systems were viewed as the primary command and control for an integrated video management systems and access control. ISONAS integrated solutions provide users with a single, powerful interface for controlling doors and managing alarms and events. The single interface allows for a quick adoption because training is much quicker and simpler since it integrates into the software employees are already trained to use.

Integration with products ABP carries:




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