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XQAND: Combining Video Storage & Surveillance System Health Monitoring
Creating the Most Reliable & Expandable Solution for MOBOTIX

Looking at the surface, XQAND is a solid NAS (Network Attached Storage) device; but that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this video storage system. It's high quality, German-made and designed to support leading state-of-the-art IP cameras like MOBOTIX, ensuring precise interoperability, high availability through RAID redundancy and capitalizing on key features that make the already impressive cameras even better. Why use a video storage system that can bog down your surveillance efforts by not offering the quality, speed and space you really need. XQAND solves the pain points that come with most video storage systems. However there's a lot that goes into XQAND and makes it such a complete system; so as you'll see in the next few paragraphs, XQAND's NVP (Network Video Platform) is not only comprehensive but quite different than other NAS devices. To illustrate we will break down the system into its main pieces to give a snapshot and illustrate everything that XQAND NVP can do.

XQAND's philosophy stands on three main pillars:

As you'll see in the next section, their NAS devices are much more than "just" hard drive spaces. And with the operating system installed in advance, and RAID drives pre-formated you'll be able to configure your complete video equipment quickly and easily. And last but not least, XQAND's exclusive monitoring capabilities makes the system unlike any other and rounds out to be a perpetually secure solution for your surveillance camera network. All these pieces put together makes XQAND the most robust, intuitive and dimensional video storage system out there.


As mentioned before, XQAND appliances are much more than "only video hard drive spaces". All of XQAND's in-house developed hardware solutions are for video surveillance with IP cameras like MOBOTIX, delivering only razor-sharp pictures. Their video server systems already include the operating and monitoring systems, which saves you extra costs and overhead.

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XQAND Monitoring and Operating

The XQAND Operating System is Linux-based and an easy-going video monitoring platform that works with your IP cameras. The user interface is very intuitive and has a new, modern design which makes it extremely easy to use.

XQAND's monitoring system is what truly sets them apart from the competition. Fundamentally, the Base Unit provides "system health monitoring", meaning, it "supervises" your entire surveillance set-up by continuously checking the storage, servers and network and gives you constant feedback and updates on whether they're working or not (every six minutes to be exact). As soon as one aspect in your entire system begins to falter, whether it be preventative (i.e. you're approaching your storage capacity) or corrective (i.e. power has been cut off), XQAND notifies you (or whoever you assign) through email, so that you can take immediate action to avoid further damage or avoid any disruption at all! The Pro Version monitoring has expanded functionality adding a camera connectivity monitoring in addition to the Base Unit's system health and shows all system-configured cameras and their latest state of operation. XQAND camera monitoring enables pulling up camera errors and reports on the state of the health of the entire surveillance system, quickly, conveniently and all on one platform.

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XQAND Overview Webinar
April 14 @ 10 AM CDT

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