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Customers are contemplating alternatives to do EVERYTHING REMOTE and need solid technology solutions that are easy and fast to deploy, secure and can be managed remotely.

This puts solid VPN connections into the forefront of everyone's mind. The need for reliable connectivity is obvious - but how to make it safe, keep it easy and cost effective?

At ABP, our job is to provide you with solutions you can immediately take to your customers, deliver business-class performance, and support all the industry-standard VPN protocols. We picked the DrayTek Vigor routers for that task as a champion in VPN aggregation and leader in extra robust VPN links for SMB.

DrayTek is the first manufacturer who makes VPN technology easy for the SMB by providing IT Managers and power users with a user-friendly interface for VPN setup, taking only a few steps to connect several sites without a need of changing firewall rules and routing policies. These routers are specially designed to overcome the problem of not having static IPs as they allow them to create tunnels with IPsec connections from laptops or smartphones inside homes.

Additionally, all the VPN services and features are included in the device. Users can download the VPN Client for free without subscription required. Moreover, Vigor routers can send emails or SMS messages when VPN disconnects and help the Network Administrator respond immediately.


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Contact us today and let's discuss how we add this solution to your customer offerings.

DrayTek Webinar - April 29 @ 11 AM CDT

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