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Are You Guilty of "Status Quo", and Heading Toward Your Own Planned Obsolescence?

It's not enough anymore to have a great system for indoor and outdoor applications utilizing hemispheric views and/or moonlight sensors with 6 megapixel resolution. To really stand apart from the rest, you need to move on and understand where the NEW advantages are... otherwise, it's just about selling on just price. Fewer projects, less margins, and a lot more pain.

The fantastic news is that you already have the KEY to a new world of profits with the MOBOTIX 7-series cameras with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and an App Store which allows you to do things customers could only dream about.

You now have at your fingertips something your competitors won't have for a long time, maybe never: Expandable AI on the edge - powered by the MOBOTIX 7-series platform.

These Apps allow you to offer solutions at the edge of innovation, backed by a solid camera. No centralized system (whether on-site or in the cloud) is able to copy-cat what you can now do at the edge, without a significant amount of real-time bandwidth and data requirements.

You truly haven't had an opportunity like this in front of you, all for the taking in a very long time.

Combined with the easy management of deployed cameras through the IPTECHVIEW Cloud Platform, you end up with an advanced compelling offer that any rational person can't turn a blind eye to. The advantages are glaringly apparent, making YOU the obvious choice for them!

Ever since MOBOTIX cameras were introduced, you offered systems that are used to intelligently find solutions where others fail. The new 7 Series App marketplace is specifically designed to cut your time for complex solutions to a few minutes, amplifying what you're best at - solving the big picture. More than ever - you can create solutions with cameras that match the challenge instead of trying to make you submit and conform to a predetermined set of rules you had no say in, freeing your expertise to get the job done, the right way.

However, to grow, you have to get a little uncomfortable! How you sell MOBOTIX systems will need to evolve with understanding what can be done and educating your team, just like the team behind you here at ABP. To benefit from this opportunity, the way of selling and thinking about projects needs to adapt to the new world.

Here's what you can do with the new 7-series cameras namely the M73 and the S74:

ONE: The best way to effortlessly sell a MOBOTIX system in today's competitive market is to intimately understand its capabilities, and

TWO: Position yourself as the expert in the room, by simply showing your customers what life will be like while everyone else is spitting out specs to compensate for their lack of professionalism.

Let's jump right in and explore what's possible.

The MOBOTIX App Bundles

MOBOTIX Retail Apps Bundle

Retail Apps Bundle
AI-People / AI-Heat / AI-Occupancy / AI-Over Occupancy

MOBOTIX Security Apps Bundle
Security Apps Bundle
AI-Intrusion-Pro / AI-Loitering / AI-Lost
MOBOTIX Traffic Apps Bundle
Traffic Apps Bundle
AI-Road 3C / AI-Incident
MOBOTIX Fire & Smoke Apps Bundle
Fire & Smoke Apps Bundle
AI-Fire / AI-Smoke

The App store is growing and you can now tackle new challenges with these new modular solutions.

There are a lot of opportunities out there to land a project with little chance of a competitor getting in your way. Over the next couple of months, you'll be introduced to each App in detail, to help you compress the learning curve, while uncovering what the new 7-series cameras can do, for you and your clients.

You're going to need the right tools to sell faster, smoother and effectively.

We've put together a done for you NFR Offer so you can get your own M73 or S74, fully assembled with the sensors like the 4K day/nights, a 64GB Western Digital Purple MicroSD card formatted and installed, firmware that's fully up to date and the cherry on top of being provisioned on your IPTECHVIEW Partner account, before it ships. Plug it in and you're ready for demo time.

Only pay for the 40% off MSRP NFR price of the 7 Series Camera body, parts it needs, and sensors. The rest is on us!

BONUS: Your sales team will get access on any device to showcase the Apps and the 7 Series Camera of your choice with fast VMS playback all in the Cloud.

The market isn't going to hold their breath, so get your 7 Series NFR package ordered before your customers' end up settling for less instead of more

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