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Winning More Projects with MOBOTIX and MxLINQ Cloud

MOBOTIX is a fascinating camera line in and of itself and it gets even better when expanded by MxLINQ Cloud! MxLINQ is a cloud-based technology devised to securely link MOBOTIX users with their cameras and provide the fullest access possible via the cloud for users from their device of choice – smartphone, tablet, or computer.

MxLINQ was developed exclusively with MOBOTIX in mind by a team that has been working with MOBOTIX solutions and has supported MOBOTIX partners for over 15 years. Every special function like MOBOTIX Activity Sensor, HeatMap, People Counting, Temperature or Sound Alerts are all accessible by the end user after a one-time setup process by the integrator. MxLINQ offers an easy and intuitive interface that does not even require a manual!


In addition to real-time viewing, MxLINQ provides access to an SD-CARD and has very advanced cloud storage options that support a wide range of scenarios from low-bandwidth to full megapixel and audio cloud recording when using the MxLINQ-as-a-Cloud VMS.


MxLINQ Cloud’s basic VMS supports time-limited retention coupled with long-term archival options for videos and stills of interest. MxLINQ also provides time lapses of up to 12 months or more on demand.


Companies particularly like the fact that the system is very well suited for central monitoring and management of multi-site projects with very robust enterprise class user management with Active Directory and Google Single Sign-on on the immediate road-map.


Resellers and integrators can provide MxLINQ as a branded webApp to their customers or can choose to custom brand it for larger end users themselves.


Resellers also have the option of providing access to all systems functions as well as the ability to create their own value add by doing custom configurations and setting up third-party aftermarket apps.


ABP is offering a rich portfolio of MxLINQ Cloud solutions with analytics that cover construction, retail, healthcare, hospitality, city/government buildings and roads, and more.





MxLINQ Cloud was built as an extendable solution with a library of available third-party solutions and analytics along with a complete ecosystem of add-on parts. This provides a robust and streamlined remote service and management option for the company or, if desired, by the integrator acting as a managed services provider offering preventive maintenance services or a security-as-a-service model that includes remote support


MxLINQ Cloud can easily be expanded with custom plug-ins and is offered as a subscription model so there is no upfront one-time license to be purchased nor is there any extra hardware or servers needed. The integrator will not need to install any software on servers, clients, tablets, or phones. Everything is completely browser based and self updating in the cloud!


It’s also important to note that MxLINQ Cloud offers very secure encryption – during transit and at rest – and has a variety of privacy modes for the integrator to offer to end users.


It is hard to conceive of any MxLINQ project – other than ultra secret government projects – where the platform would not increase the end user’s value and the reseller’s business chances.



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