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Upgrade Your Existing MOBOTIX Customers with MxLINQ Cloud and Rekindle your Business with them.

Give your customers years of extra life and new value by retrofitting their MOBOTIX systems with the MxLINQ Cloud Upgrade.




MxLINQ Cloud by IPTechView, is a secure cloud solution developed for MOBOTIX. It includes comprehensive customer access to his cameras with live-view, and cloud recording. MxLINQ also gives your customers easy access to many unique features like heatmaps, analytics, activity sensing and even temperature alerts.


MOBOTIX partners that undergo online or in-house training by ABP Tech in half-a-day will get a free subscription for their own in-house cameras to practice and gain experience.


MxLINQ is cost effective for customers and profitable for Partners

Customers literally experience the full power of their MOBOTIX system on their smartphone, tablet, or computer within just an hour of you setting them up. Once you have completed configuration, you can send all users an SMS with the link and credentials to setup access on their device of choice. You will never need to touch your end users phones or client laptops. Where is the handbook of your phone? MxLINQ is so intuitive that your end user will not even need to look at the quick guide provided online.



Customer satisfaction of MxLINQ Cloud has been huge and customers often want more. They can request full cloud storage as a backup or even as a replacement of their NAS.


We also find that MxLINQ makes MOBOTIX solutions viral! CEOs can now derive true value out unique features and analytics like heatmapping and people counting data, all from outside of the office. We hear users now are starting to access their MOBOTIX solution from out on the road and are sharing the experience with peers and friends which often leads to the question Where do you get this from?


In summary this solution gives customers exactly what they are looking for today and are loving the solution, and integrators get a solid margin that becomes yearly recurring profit for our integrator. 


Take advantage of our online training and get your free partner subscription Come to ABP for a comprehensive training and certification on MOBOTIX and MxMSP to become a certified MxMSP partner and get extra discounts!


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