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License Plate Recognition - SecurOS Auto from ISS

SecurOS AUTO is an Intelligent Video Analytics Module for SecurOS and provides License Plate Recognition and comparative analysis of face plates for various types of vehicles. SecurOS AUTO (LPR) is a provides recognition of cars plate numbers, reliably working in the wide range of external conditions, and is easily integrated into legacy security equipment, executive devices and external databases. License Plate Recognition is an effective tool for the solution of registration tasks, identification and provision for car safety, control of traffic, and access control of vehicles.




Functionalities of the Car License Plate Recognition module:

  • Provides advanced reaction capability and automatic operator notification based on License Plate Recognition and/or comparison with information from a database
  • Detection of a car in frame with automated choice of the frame for optimum size and clearness of car license plate
  • Integration with the third party equipment and devices: barriers, automatic gate, automatic systems of calculations, etc.
  • Organization of video channels, remote real-time management, access to the archive and remote control of the system
  • License Plate Database synchronizes and allows search for all images, video, information of time, date, direction of vehicle pass
  • Integration with external databases, including prohibition/permission of pass, automatic notification regarding pass of vehicle with a flagged license plate, etc.
  • High quality License Plate Recognition in various conditions and luminosity
  • Fast adaptation for work with new standards of license plates
  • Reliable with a wide range of video cameras
  • Effective solution of tasks of different complexity: from management of cars within a parking installation, to the control by traffic in the scales of enterprise, i.e. cities and highways

Key Applications of License Plate Recognition

  • Automation of Parking Installations - License Plate Recognition is an excellent solution for parking areas, providing vehicle safety, increase of speed and quality of service, and the reduction of unauthorized access, fraud and theft.
    • automatic registration and saving in database of video image, date, time, plate numbers of incoming car
    • comparison of information at arrival / departure of vehicle
    • simplified information search in database on the car plate numbers, date or time of parking
    • integration with barriers, automatic gates
    • integration with the automatic systems of calculations for payment control
  • Protection of strategic areas, enterprises - License Plate Recognition is an effective component of a security system for strategically important areas, such as industrial enterprises.
  • Remote Management capabilities
  • Automatic registration of car arrival/departure with data storage of car plate numbers, date and time of pass, video shot with the image of a vehicle
  • integration with the gravimetric equipment, executive devices on entrances/exits (arrival/departures), and also with workflow systems for effective automated accounts management
  • Creation of detailed statistical reports
  • Video-control in real-time of loading/unloading processes of raw materials or finished goods
  • Restrictive entry into municipal areas based on preset policies
  • Creation of detailed statistical reports
  • Utilization for toll payment system
  • Effective tool for police and other municipal services: automatic registration in traffic of vehicles which are flagged for search, analysis and alarms for infringement of road rules etc.
  • Municipal Services - License Plate Recognition may be integrated with ISS Traffic Monitoring or other third party traffic management software to create a safe traffic hub for municipalities.
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