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Brickcom EoC (Ethernet over Copper)

Are you faced with an analog-to-IP Surveillance system conversion? Are there one or more camera locations in your project that the distance from the installed infrastructure becomes problematic? Is a wireless link for remote camera locations the least desirable option or impossible due to line-of-sight issues?

Brickcom might have the solution you need and at an affordable price with margins that make sense.

Brickcom Corporation is a leading network-video manufacturer in the IP surveillance industry. They are dedicated to providing the best IP surveillance solutions and the company is strategically located worldwide to provide prompt quality service. Brickcom has a solid foundation for engineering quality network video equipment with a Research and Development Department that has been producing wireless-broadband networking equipment for over twenty years.

So let’s get back to the Solution that solves the problem : Where Ethernet cabling and / or wireless signal is not available or convenient.

Brickcom’s EoC (Ethernet over Copper) solution allows existing CCTV surveillance systems to be upgraded to a hybrid analogue/IP or pure IP Video surveillance system, without having to replace or add new cabling. Or in the instance of a new installation, the run length of cable may be the best, most cost-effective solution for a remote camera location. Brickcom provides a variety of models of EoC bridge devices for different applications including models that support PoE to the end device(s). These EoC bridges support all Brickcom cameras and the Brickcom camera portfolio is very large, so there is likely a camera for most any situation.

This solution allows for:

  • Full HD 1080p IP Video Streaming over Coax
  • 300m~2000m Transmission Distance with 100Mbps Speed
  • PoE over Coax (802.3af & 802.3at Supported)
  • Wired Network Bridge

We here at ABP Technology are ready to assist you with your projects. We have resources available to assist with pre-sale design, consultation on camera models, desired features, or simply provide you a solid quote for your equipment pricing. ABP Technology has post-sale support options available as well.

Milestone Systems VMS is a great pairing to the Brickcom camera line. This feature-rich VMS has all the power, scalability, and flexibility to handle most any project and has the features like remote management, motion detection, alarms, notification protocols, and remote viewing that customers are asking for in the market. Brickcom cameras are tested and certified on the Milestone VMS platform

Check out Brickcom for a robust camera portfolio that is reasonably priced, allows you to win projects, and that has solutions for multiple connection types for your installation that ultimately makes you more money.



Don’t hesitate to call me or Clint Hays to inquire about your next surveillance project. We look forward to assisting you with solutions that make sense.


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ABP Technology

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