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At ABP Tech we believe that today, a lot of network Infrastructure equipment is at the end of their life and being obsoleted by the growing demand of new IP solutions and systems arquitecture. Many IT solutions are shifting to the Cloud and customers need for more speed and guaranteed uptime of...
ABP Tech is the first Technology Distributor to focus entirely on IP Technology and continues to work primarily with specialized technology resellers. ABP has been offering roadshows for new resellers for over six years.    Convergence was about using the same network connection...
3CX Partner Training Event in California   By Andy on February 26, 2013 - 03:45am   We are  pleased to announce a West Coast Partner training event in conjunction with 3CX Distributor, ABPtech on Tuesday, March 26th 2013 at the Microsoft...
At ABP Tech we realize that our webpage is a key communications tool between us and you . We absolutely wanted to make sure we provide you with current and valuable information. Therefore we completely redesigned our site to maximize what we thought was most important and for the sake of...
We heard that many of our customers were asking us for more visibility of their orders and we decided to work on this. We created an accelerated order tracking system that will send our customers the full tracking details as soon as the cartons of an order are closed and labeled.This can help...


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