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ABP Launches Advanced Multi-Carrier Shipping Tool

Visibility of your Order, control and choices over your delivery and transparency of cost, are key to what you can promise to your customers and your profitability.

Over the last few years many of our orders have grown from a few phones or cameras to pallets of equipment going to the same location.

When all we did was ship a box or two things were easy. We only had to check FedEx and UPS. Today we ship nationaly and Internationaly with almost all carriers plus USPS, LTL/Truck, 3PL and we can do so more efficiently and faster than ever with fewer errors. We achieved that by incorporating a cloud based multi-carrier shipping estimation platform and integrating it with our ERP system. That way our customers orders or even quotes will get processed by connecting to a network of all leading Parcel, LTL carriers such as UPS, Fedex, USPS, Pitt Ohio, Conway, Estes, YRC, Echo including regional carriers. 

Not only do we get excellent rates for our partners but we also keep them informed with ABP's Advanced Tracking Plus system so you know what will be pickedup and shipped today ahead of it leaving our warehouse and what is in each carton.

This allows us to always get you the lowest possible pricing on shipping rates.

At ABP you get a fair price on product, top service, best possible shipping and total visibility of your order.

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