IP Technology Distribution

Who we are


We believe IP Technology is unifying data, telephony, security and other networks. Therefore we built our organization to help our partners by selecting and supporting solutions that are open, interoperable and create value through integration. 


The fast pace of technology advancement requires focus on solutions that are ready for prime time, products that perform and that will generate our partners a profit.

ABP selects products from reliable vendors that respect and collaborate with the reseller channel. Combining the best “Made in USA” with Worldwide leaders from Europe and Asian, ABP sources high quality IP Technology products. We select the core products, add peripheral elements and provide value added services to help our partners create exceptional, cost effective and highly interoperable solutions.

Our vision is that our specialty focus and service approach will help our partners expand their businesses and become more profitable as they provide higher value through more integration to their customers. 

We believe in long-term partnerships, in doing things right and doing the right things.