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IP Communications - Voice & Video

Are you capturing and capitalizing on video conferencing opportunities and enhancing your revenue? If not, or perhaps if you've never even considered it - we hope you find great value in this multi-dimensional piece launching ABP's new IP Video Conferencing practice and business line! You'll find new, innovative applications in the industry, the most accessible conferencing technology we've seen yet, and some great pointers as to how to apply Video Conferencing to your portfolio - even if you don't consider yourself an AV Solution provider. There will be business opportunities for you.

VC Industry Trends

Communication Manufacturers are coming of age and the IP Video Conferencing solutions they're creating are too. The latest Video Conferencing solutions we have adopted are by far the best we have seen, not to mention that they're coming down in price and becoming more accessible. Early systems were costly and needed extensive engineering and technical support to set them up and keep them working efficiently. These new players are feature rich, priced where Enterprise and SMB companies can justify, and they are relatively simple to configure and use. Most importantly, they are interoperable with many platforms and standards are becoming a reality.

Why Video Conferencing and Surveillance are a Great Pair

Video Conferencing is a great value-added product for Surveillance Integrators since you can leverage your expertise in video to offer additional products.



IP Video Conferencing and IP Video Telephony have merged with BYOD Video into a New World of Video Solutions

A couple years back we redefined ABP's "IP Phone" business line into what is now ABP Tech's IP Communications Voice & Video practice. The reason was to offer you the latest proven solutions in this sector.

The time has come where the next generation Video Conferencing products have proven to be mature, easy to use and the customer demand is there. It's time for you to position yourself as an IP Technology professional that has the skill set it takes to help your customers not only in voice but also in next gen Video Conferencing. Let ABP Tech help you become a leader in this new field.

Our early foray into this space has given us expertise and helped us select the best elements and deployment procedures so we can rapidly introduce you into the new world of video solutions with business cases that will help you find new opportunities and differentiate yourself from basic phone service only.

The new generation of Video Conferencing Solutions is designed for everyday and ubiquitous use in companies and covers a wide range of uses. Beginning at enabling face-to-face communication in any meeting room and with diverse video conferencing platforms. Room VC solutions now can connect to desk video phones, handheld devices like iPads, laptops and even Skype calls or Google Hangouts, making video conferencing with the world of BYOD a reality.

Furthermore, the integration of Video Conferencing with IP Telephony makes the system much more useful since now almost every device can reach out and connect to the other.

The lower cost of equipment and no variable usage cost makes fixed, point to point connections between areas like warehouse and operations or similar collaborating teams on internal company networks a reality; which we like to call a "Video Window" for businesses.

Last but not least webRTC bridges will enable any browser to be turned into an instant collaboration partner which may change the dynamics on chats and customer care scenarios.

IP Video Conferencing & Video will be a growing market and an additional reason to switch to IP telephony.



You + Video Conferencing

What is new and different and why do we believe that Video Conferencing is an expanding trend in the overall Communications market?

As I'm sure you've seen, there are many new entries in Video/Screen Sharing, Video Collaboration, and other productivity enhancing tools that include video, whiteboarding, and presentation platforms who all are being advertised to the end user daily online and by hosted service providers.

4 Surprising VC Applications

Need some inspiration for innovative ways to implement Video Conferencing to your customers?

Here are 4 ways ABP's Video Conferencing solutions can change the game:

  1. Remote medicine

  2. Distance Learning

  3. "Video Window" for businesses

  4. Lab for room to room and conference to BYOD scenario

These systems can perform well in multiple configurations:

• Internal video solutions on the IP PBX as they are Open Standard SIP
• They can make point to point network calls (H.323 or IP to IP address calls)
• Many have developed thin clients, use webRTC, or have a cloud based
  registration for making calls easy
• Some have cloud based video MCU services as well, allowing for users from
  different applications to enter the same conference. Think of a call that might
  have a softphone user, skype user, google hangout user and the company
  endpoint all communicating together in a seamless call
• Connecting with cloud-based services like Zoom & Blue Jeans and others

Video Conferencing today is simpler and cheaper than ever but both physical install, network configuration and bandwidth management (QOS) issues will make it highly advisable for installations to be done by the professional IP Technology partner as opposed to an online purchase of end points. Professional installation and correct setup of video and audio end points will greatly improve the customer's satisfaction level of the solution.

ABP can help! We have extensive Video Conferencing expertise on these and past solutions. We know where the pitfalls are and how to navigate past them. Reach out to the ABP sales team or product managers @ 972-831-1600 today and let us assist you in helping your customers adopt this technology, realize the benefits, and impact your bottom line.

Ask us about training programs, webinars, demo systems as well as to let us help you in pre-sales and quoting. Remember ABP Tech provides free basic Tech Support and Full Installation support packs for all our solutions.

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