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IP Surveillance & Physical Security News

The dog days of summer may be coming to a close, but some of our top IP Surveillance & Physical Security vendors didn't slow their roll in the heat! There's been movement in the field and we want to make sure you know about all of it! So we're providing you with an "extra, extra read all about it" newsletter for everything NVR, camera, security access control and hardware, including vendors such as Brickcom, GVD, Minuteman, MOBOTIX Raytec, and TRINE - all in one place.


IP Surveillance NVR: GVD Launched NVR Series

GVD NVR Launch at ABP TechThe next big thing in IP surveillance solutions is here - Genius Vision Digital's (GVD) NVR system! ABP hosted a Power Launch on August 11th to showcase exactly how user-friendly and fast-driven the new NVR by GVD is. Attendees were able to have hands on experience with the high performance NVR on our impressive 4K upgraded Video Wall and saw first hand exactly how easy and compatible the system is; supporting thousands of camera brands, including MOBOTIX and Brickcom (which were presented at the Launch). In addition to the NVR, the new In-Vehicle Mobile NVR and M4 Series (for License Plate Recognition solutions) as well as the VMS, CMS and Analytics were used to learn from demos of real case studies and applications.

The GVD solution has a proprietary video indexing technology and intuitive user interface, to make scanning or searching of video extremely fast, efficient and simple. This comes into play in stressful or emergency situations, when individuals who may not be familiar with the software need to use it. But GVD's new NVR doesn't just simplify for those unfamiliar, it also provides a layer that has features much more sophisticated and advanced for the experts and specialists to utilize. GVD has always offered high performance NVR and VMS systems loved by both small and large end-users. If you're already a GVD user and advocate, you know why; If not, let us help you figure it out.

If you missed it or just want to relive your fun at the Launch, see our GVD NVR event video here.

Brickcom Star Series IP Cameras

IP Surveillance Cameras: Introducing the New Brickcom Star Series

Brickcom introduced their two new-generation camera lines, the Star series and the StarPlus series! The cameras in the Star series exhibit deluxe performance and features including: back-illuminated Pixel technology, Brickcom 3D-DNR technology, SmartFocus® Upgrade to Focus Rapidly and Remotely, HDTV Video Quality (Full HD 3M@30fps), Brickcom WDR Enhancement® technology, i-Mode for different environments. In addition to all of the features found in Brickcom's Star series, the StarPlus series performs the 1080@60fps, making it extremely eye-catching and differentiating it in the market. And the FB-H300Np StarPlus has already established itself in the market by winning the "2015 Excellent UHD IP Camera" in Secutech's Excellence Award and ranked 2nd place at the IP/Network Camera Convention 2015 in Tokyo! If you'd like to read more about the Star and StarPlus series, check out Brickcom's press release here.

While Brickcom continues to exemplify their commitment to bring high quality IP video products to the market, ABP can help you assess exactly which Brickcom products fit your specific IP surveillance needs, so you can be sure to get all the features you need without going overboard and paying unnecessary costs. We always carry a large inventory on Brickcom and help our partners in everything from technical questions and support to national warranties. If you're looking to amp up your IP camera surveillance and interested in hearing more about Brickcom, reach out and we can help assess what you're looking for and bridge the gap!

RCI and TRINE Electric Strikes

IP Surveillance Hardware Components: Trine and RCI Electric Strikes, Minuteman UPS and Raytec Lighting

While on the topic of IP physical security, don't forget here at ABP we can assist in every step from consulting to after-purchase support. We carry a variety of vendors in multiple products so that we have the best means to fairly and impartially suite your individual IP package - from software to hardware. With that in mind, we also carry hardware components like electric strikes from distinguished companies like Trine and RCI to complete and secure any access control system you choose.

Raytec Lighting

We also carry the in between products to help you create safe, powerful and effective surveillance solutions for every customer need and situation. We make it easy for you to effortlessly complete a solid surveillance setup, even when your customer's situation may be less than ideal. The property is too dark for a good, clear image? We carry multiple lighting solutions from companies like Raytec to make even the darkest corners safe and seen. Not to mention, Raytec lights have a projected 10 year lifespan and low power consumption.

Minuteman UPS

Speaking of power, perhaps you're worried about power failures or interruptions? A surveillance system doesn't do anyone much good if it's not up and running. No problem, we carry Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) from Minuteman that's had a reputation of reliability and quality since 1982 to keep your system running and protected. And don't forget about the small, but necessary, components like wires!

ABP POE Extender and SD card for MOBOTIX cameras

Keep in mind the benefits of using ABPTech's special MOBOTIX pre-formatted SD cards for your MOBOTIX cameras as well as our ABP-POE-EX2 for wiring certain camera projects. This is a single POE port that can feed 2 MOBOTIX cameras or even four when using two S15 without any additional power supply. The ABP-POE-EX2 can also be used as an inline POE Extender/ Distance booster and again it needs no local power supply.

We carry it all so you don't have to jump from distributor to distributor and research product after product, just to make sure you have a seamless, working system. Why Not at our One Stop Shop?!

Contact your ABP rep by calling 972-831-1600, option 3 or email us at sales@abptech.com.

MOBOTIX September 2015 Promos

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