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What is MxLINQ™? A User Friendly yet Powerful Cloud-Based VMS and IOT Device Management tool for MOBOTIX End Users

MxLINQ™ is the companion tool for end users to access - link to - their MOBOTIX cameras. MxLINQ™ eliminates the need of any port-forwardin and provides end users full secure access to all of their MOBOTIX Cameras.

More important it also provides MOBOTIX end users a very unique and intuitive user experience they will not get from any other camera brand. For all practical purposes, MxLINQ™ puts all basic functions an end user would want from an VMS into their hands, right from their phones, pads or laptops when more resolution and screen realestate is needed.Users can see their own camera list, even for multiple locations, get a grid view to monitor their entire facility with close-ups from each camera or access individual cameras for close-up view, panning and zooming in from their phones.

On a more unique front, MxLINQ™ offers a "Last Activities View" which provides a real-time constantly updated and sorted view of the last events at their facility. Users can review past events and analyze situations based on video stored in their camera’s SD-Memory cards or optionally - for faster access, longer retention and an extra layer of security - stored in MxMSP™ Cloud Services.

MOBOTIX cameras is one of the most sophisticated camera solutions on the market. MxLINQ was designned to make access to that functionality easy and intuitive so MOBOTIX users can use even the most advanced features like video analytics, traffic count, heatmaps of people movements right on their phones with no need for any manuals or long traning. 

MxLINQ is also an active VDMS system (Video annd Device Managament System) it will notify and alert end users based on their own preferences and settings to receive email or SMS notifications based on MOBOTIX ActivitySensor or other events, camera environmental temperature thresholds and more. End users can even forward images and videos of incidents by email and SMS. Last but not least usrs can also control things that are connected to Mobotix IoT cameras like turnn onn lights, open gates or securely access other actions all from their phone.

For owners of MOBOTIX Solutions that need more privacy - i.e., cameras in homes -  MxLINQ™ and MxMSP™ offer a Privacy Mode that can be controlled by the MxLINQ™ Master account. The integrator can set everything up for the location including system health notifications and provide the owner of the system access to Privacy Mode. Once that mode is turned on by the end user on his or her phone, the integrator will no longer have access to see cameras or change any configurations but will still get system fault notifications. This allows owners to fully control the privacy of their homes and private areas they wish to secure.

MxLINQ™ is a game changer that turns MOBOTIX projects into a top-of-the line solution for monitoring spaces, video verification, protection and privacy. Perhaps most important, MxLINQ™ is something end users will love to use, exceeds there expectations and they are willing to pay for. 

Mobotix partnners can sell MxLINQ either as a Cloud Based VDMS solution or they can embed it into their own managed services contract and sell it as a monthly subscription that is part of their overall service becoming a defacto surveillance as a service company. The later is the model integrators will use that intend to change their busienss to include a stronger services component and are building out services as a profit center. In this case they would prefer to bundle MxLINQ with their servcie rather than resell the MxLINQ subscription.

In either case there is a recurrence of revenue since the subscription is yearly and even reselling it will provide the partner a nice yearly income stream.

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