IP Technology Distribution

UniData makes Wi-Fi phones that work. Lose the wire and talk comfortably over VoIP at work or at home!

Wireless IP Phones continue to grow in Business, Medical, Campus, Retail, Insurance and Financial space.

Call quality of WiFi is superior to cell and productivity is up when the incoming calls can be handled and transferred just as if the user was at their desk.

More users are asking for the ability to tie their wireless laptop and their mobile communications into a common platform.

Users get clear communication quality. Phones memorize SSID and Password combinations enabling roaming along with special propriety look ahead and QoS.

UniData's flagship product the WPU7800 wireless IP phones can be delivered to connect with a wireless router absolutely free from any network wiring.

ABP selected Unidata as the most reliable Wi-fi phone we have found.

UniData devices have been certified with most standardized IP PBX and carrier soft switches and have been sold millions of units to carriers world wide.





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