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“Shaping the audio world of tomorrow, today”  - that is the ambition that Sennheiser lives by. The foundation for this vision statement is Sennheiser’s history, culture of innovation and passion for excellence. Good sound is not enough. Sennheiser aspires to achieve the perfect sound, to make sound come alive. Sounds can transport us to distant places, awaken sleeping emotions and even intensify our sense of taste. We do not perceive them just with our eardrums, but by way of the skin and some people can actually see sounds. This is why they work every day to achieve the perfect sound and open up to their customers the whole feeling world of the audio universe.


The way to this achievement has been paved by trailblazing ideas. Ever since electrical engineer Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser founded the company in 1945, Sennheiser has been continuously setting trends in the audio industry. Right up to the present, with innovative inspiration, curiosity and passion they have made products and services that are immensely successful. Sennheiser has even won an Oscar and an Emmy for their contributions to sound and audio in Film and TV history. Wherever people care passionately about recording, transmitting or playing sound, Sennheiser will be there.

Sennheiser is the world’s fastest growing headset manufacturer. It designs premium call center and office headsets, which are compatible with all major platforms, to  organizations that range from small home offices all the way up to larger enterprise call centers. ABP has chosen to partner with Sennheiser to bring this high level of quality manufacturing and audio reproduction to the HD VoIP environments we support.


Headphones, headsets, microphones and all-round audio solutions, reliable service, and committed staff have been enthusiastically received by Sennheiser customers all over the world. Whether artists, disc jockeys, pilots, scientists, sound technicians or demanding music-lovers the Sennheiser name always stands for premium products, the ultimate in sound quality and undistorted listening enjoyment. This enthusiasm is the source of their passion for excellence. This is what motivates Sennheiser to fulfil their mission of transforming tones and sounds into the perfect auditory experience.


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