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snom 200 Open standard VoIP phone

The new enhanced snom 200 VoIP is the perfect solution for comercial IP Phone deployments in SOHO, SME and large corporate clients. The snom 200 utilizes the same great SIP stack and software as the snom 100 but has a business PBX type housing and an additional 2nd Ethernet port. The snom 200 offers POE (Power over Ethernet) and supports SIP, H.323, and H.450. Utilize the snom phone with the snom 4s soft switch solution for ITSP’s and enterprises or connect this best in class phone to one of the world’s leading vendor’s IP PBX, VoIP gateways, and soft switch solutions.)

snom phones are designed for NAT traversal and feature STUN and UPnP. Together with snom's mass deployment system for easy deployment and connectivity with any web provisioning system snom allows for lowest deployment cost and TCO. Please call ABP to discuss custom branding and OEM solutions.

Contact ABP to learn more about the snom 200 or the snom 4s turnkey VoIP telephony systems.

Feature list
Technical Specifications

Product Applications Scenarios
vGeneral Specifications

With the new snom 200, snom technology sets new standards regarding flexibility and interoperability. The phone is compatible with major vendor VoIP-gateways and gatekeepers based on the open standards SIP and H.323/H.450, which makes it easy to integrate in an existing LAN/WAN environment.

With Linux as the underlying operating system; stability, security, flexibility, and high quality are snom 200’s strengths. Able to handle both SIP and H.323/H.450 protocols with seamless remote software updates, the snom 200 is ready for your implementation. In addition, CTI applications such as HTTP, TAPI and LDAP integrate the phones with the rest of the IT infrastructure. This makes applications possible which were not economically feasible with traditional technology.

The customer does not have to bid farewell to the supplementary service features they are familiar with. On the contrary - with a snom phone the connection is set up, fast as with digital ISDN phones, and in addition to the IP functionality, the snom 200 supports features like call hold, call waiting, call forward/transfer, call divert, caller line identification, etc.

The voice quality of the snom 200 cannot be distinguished from traditional phones. With its 2 by 24 LCD and web interface, management, configuration, and remote upgrades are a simple and expedient task.

vFeature List
phone book caller waiting list HTTP Server
SMS send/receive   27 ring tones   transfer
conference call   DTMF   echo cancellation
call divert   call list, deny list   speed dial
call hold, call wait, conference   tracing and logging diagnostic   web server ( dial from web interface)
vTechnical Especifications
Power supply:
48 V, 4-6 watts opt., Ethernet power
MPC855T efficient 32-bit, Processor with MMU
Temp range:
0 C to 40 C
2 x 24 display w/ graphical field
30 keys, 6 LEDs
CNG- Comfort Noise generation ,VAD- Voice Activity detections
Dynamic Jitter-Buffer, Loudspeaker, Inclusive 27 ring tones

Voice compression, Echo compression, Silence suppression
(2) 10/100 BaseT E auto-detect, Computer headset jack
78.5 cm W x 17cm H x 7cm D, Weight 690g
vS oftware
Operating System: Linux
Configuration: Via web browser & / or Phone’s graphical display
Protocols Internet: IP, TCP, UDP, DHCP, LDAP, TFTP, CMP, SNTP, XNTP, PpoE*
Configuration: HTTP, SNMP
VoIP SIP,H.323,H.255,H.245,H.450,TAPI,RTCP,
Voice encoding: G.711 ( u-law / A-law), G.729a,GSM 6.10 ( full rate) 48 Khz,
16 bit audio hdw In band DTMF Out of band DTMF -RFC2833
  * Future 2002 release
** Upon request
vProduct Applications Scenarios
Enterprise Solutions Government Scenarios
SOHO Scenarios   Educational Scenarios
SME Scenarios   Event Telephony Scenarios
Branch Office Scenarios   Satellite Telephony Scenarios
Multi Tennant / Dwelling Scenarios     IPBX OEM Partners
New snom200 Administrator Manual
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