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Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000 - WiFi IP Phone

Hitachi Cable WirelessIP5000

Instant Mobility, no more lost calls and crystal clear voice on a device that looks, feels, and operates like a mobile phone.

With business pressure everyday to keep pace with customers and competitors how can you make sure you don't loose calls when inside of the office away from your desk.

Discover more on Mobility solutions in Wireless VoIP section.

WirelessIP5000 is an advanced wireless IP phone that provides crystal clear voice communication over an IEEE 802.11b/g wireless IP network. The WirelessIP5000 supports the conveniences and functions of a digital phone like hold and transfer, call waiting, caller ID, MWI and much more and also perfectly integrates into most PBX and IPBX systems as well as with the companies existing Wireless Networks and corporate network.

WirelessIP5000 can be used to either connect to existing phone infrastructure or a VoIP system. With a small server it will will provide you with your own global private mobile network within the reach of your organizations WiFi network or even free hotspots. You no longer have to miss important calls as you move around your work site or other corporate locations. Why pay monthly for cell phone or push to talk technology if you can have a similar solution for free. Hitachi-Cable Wireless IP includes state of the art security and has a robust and well proven SIP stack that has been inter-op tested with most leading platforms. This phone uses most common Access Points and roams smoothly between access points.

The Hitachi-Cable WirelessIP5000 phones are compact and light and fit into your pocket they are designed to provide over two days standby and 4 hours plus of talk time so you can use it anytime and anywhere. Read this Feature Update

Sample applications: Healthcare, Retail, Autombile Dealership

The WirelessIP5000 is a great companion phone for any SIP based IBPX system like Avaya, Shoretel, Zultis etc. or can be used with hosted IPBX based on Asterisk, Broadsoft, Sylantro and many others.

Feature List
Technical Specifications
Product Applications Scenarios

Feature List

As voice signals are automatically compressed using audio CODECs, they can be transmitted over a low bandwidth without interference from other data signals. Furthermore, to provide consistent superior voice quality over varying and congested IP network conditions, the WirelessIP5000 is equipped with advanced Quality of Service (QoS) technologies such as CODEC negotiation, enhanced jitter buffering technology, and packet delay compensation.

The WirelessIP5000 Wireless VoIP phone comes with an 8 Line LCD Display. This phone is ideal for those who want the power and cost efficiencies of VoIP but also love the freedom of wireless. All the commonly used features needed for day-to-day business are accessible directly from the phone such as:

Dialed Number Display

Calling Time Display

Caller ID Display

Mute, Hold

Call Waiting Indication

Instant Message & Voicemail Message Indicator

Phone book

Extension Number Display

Dial Tone

Distinctive Rings

Speed Dial


Call Pick Up

Call History

Missed calls indicator


Short Message (IM: Instant Message)

Stand-by Display

Signal Level/Battery Level

Date/ Day Of The Week


Silent Display/Vibration Display

Alarm Function

PC Connection by USB

Ear Phone/Mic

English /Japanese

User Friendly Graphical Menu


Technical Specifications

Hardware Dimensions (H x W x T): 127 x 43 x 19.2 [mm] Weight: 102 [gr.]

LCD 128x128 pixel-graphical display with 4 Gray; Dot Size (WxH): 0.18 x 0.22mm; Dot Pitch (WxH): 0.19 x 0.23mm; Active Area (WxH): 24.31 x 29.43mm; FSTN Glass

Operating Temperature: 0~45 C / Storage Temperature: -25~70 C

Two Soft Key & 4 Directional Stick Key;
Volume Control Key;
Keypad Lock Key;
Send/End/Cancel Key

Wireless LAN
IEEE 802.11b
Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum

SIP v2.0 Coding: G.711 u / A-Law, G.729A Acoustic Echo Cancellation (to be supported)

IPv4, TFTP, DNS DHCP Client NAT Transversal; Static NAT, uPnP

QoS: DiffServ/IP Precedence;IEEE 802.11e (to be supported)

Secure RTP (to be supported)
WEB based UAM

AC Adapter

Battery: 1,350mA Extended Li-ion Battery (4.1 / 55 hours)

Sys log



Product Application Scenarios

Application areas:

SOHO Scenarios - Home IP companion phone
SME Scenarios - iPBX companion phones
Industrial complexes
Department store
Educational Campus
Event Telephony Scenarios
Satellite Telephony Scenarios
IPBX OEM Partners



Please go to link on Quick Reference Guide in your original shipment for latest
manual and firmware. Resellers please login to VAR Login and proceed to support section/downloads to access this information

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