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Pirelli DualPhone DP-L10

Pirelli DP-L10

Wireless VoIP (Wi-Fi) and GSM Cell technology in one handset

Now you can deliver the convenience of a mobile and a broadband cordless in ONE phone. Pirelli's DualPhone DP-L10 phone combines GSM tri-band capabilities with SIP-based Wireless VoIP via an integrated WLAN 802.11b/g interface, combining cell phone technology with the added advantage of transporting phone calls over the Internet.

The Dual Phone enables mobile phone features such as Internet browsing, e-mail, SMS, and MMS, which can also be used through a fixed-broadband connection, providing the same mobile services with the added benefits of greater bandwidth and cost savings.

This phone is developed on industry-standard protocols such as 3GPP, 802.11 and SIP guaranteeing interoperability. It also features Pirelli’s enhanced software that makes dual-mode technology a viable commercial solution for you.

Pirelli's software also supports seamless roaming, zerotouch registration and remote manageability. The DualPhone DP-L10 is designed and qualified to operate in a multi-vendor, standards-based environment. Pirelli’s SIP Wi-Fi service oriented portfolio includes:

• Pirelli’s AWR WLAN extender, a self-configuring Wi-Fi repeater supporting extended indoor coverage and seamless WLAN roaming

•Pirelli’s Multiplay Access Gateways, delivering dualmode phone QoS and service provisioning

• Pirelli’s PMP Management Platform, a TR-069 remote management system which supports the provisioning, diagnostics and software upgrades for the entire Fixed Mobile Convergence suite (DualPhone, AWR WLAN Extender and Multiplay Access Gateways)

When at home or in office, the DualPhone automatically switches to the Wi-Fi-enabled fixed connection; making the same mobile services available indoors at a higher speed and a lower cost to you and your customers.

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Feature List
Technical Specifications
Product Applications Scenarios

Feature List

Dual Mode Handset (Wi-Fi/GSM)

GSM tri-band (900/1800/1900MHz)

Wi-Fi 802.11b/g


SMS, MMS, WAP, E-mail

OTAP and Remote

Phonebook Size 500 names

Games 2 games

Melodies 25 embedded melodies

Ringing Tones 32 polyphonic tones

Silent Alert Built-in Vibrator

Built-in Utilities Calendar, Currency Converter, Alarm Clock, Calculator, Stop Watch,
Reminder, Countdown Timer, World Time

Input Method Zi

Language English/French/German/Italian/Spanish


Technical Specifications

Hardware Dimensions (H x W x T):
Form Factor Bar Type (106Lx46Wx18H mm)
LCD Display 1.5", 128*128 pixel, 65K colors

Protocols/Bands GSM 900/1800/1900MHz

Wi-Fi 802.11b/g. 2.4 GHz

Network Selection Choices Wi-Fi Only / GSM Only / Wi-Fi Preferred / GSM Preferred


VoIP Codecs G.711, G.726, G.729

Camera 300k pixel VGA


Product Application Scenarios

Application areas:

SOHO Scenarios - Home IP companion phone
SME Scenarios - iPBX companion phones
Industrial complexes
Department store

Educational Campus


Event Telephony Scenarios
Satellite Telephony Scenarios
IPBX OEM Partners



Pirelli DP-L10 Datasheet


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