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Mobotix Hemispheric Q22 IP Camera

Mobotix 360° Hemispheric Camera Innovates Surveillance

Mobotix Hemispheric Q22M - 360° Megapixel
IP Camera with 2 Way Audio.

The Mobotix Q22M is an excellent camera for use in open spaces such as retail stores, restaurants, open office spaces, atriums and gyms. Thanks to its hemispherical lens, a single Q22M monitors an entire room including the four corners. This approach saves a lot of expense and installation time compared to the additional typical cameras needed to cover the same area. Generally you mount the camera to the ceiling in the center of the room. Rooms up to 150 on each side provide recognizable details to the borders of the room. If you only need to monitor specific objects and the presence of people entering or exiting than room coverage can reach up to 360 on each side.

The Q22 lens provides enough detail for recognition with a single camera. Only one Ethernet cable is needed connecting the camera to the switch. Upon detecting motion at night, an email, phone call, or an IP Notify message can be sent to alert the business owner or security staff.

Now consider the more costly analog solution. To get the same level of detail for recognition, four to eight cameras are needed. In addition each camera has to have a Siamese coax cable ran to the back room and connected to an 8 channel DVR and the camera power supply. A standalone PIR motion sensor must also be installed. Upon motion at night only an email can be sent.

Clearly the Q22M is a cost effective and comprehensive solution for small to medium size open floor spaces.

Cost Scenario

Consider a small retail store with a glass front and is closed for the night. They want to eliminate false motion alarms and cover the entire floor area with recognition at the lowest possible cost. They also have a management PC on site with 500 GB of available space.

In this scenario it takes a single Q22 camera with the optional ExtIO extension module which includes a PIR Sensor. The PIR motion sensor is used to determine motion. This has an inherent advantage over pixel based motion detection as it will not trip on lightning or car headlights shining through the store windows.



Only one cable is needed from the camera to the switch in the back room. Upon motion at night, an email, phone call, or an IP Notify message can be sent to alert the business owner.

As you can see the Q22M is a cost effective and comprehensive solution for small to medium size open floor spaces.

This is one of the many options in the Mobotix family.
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Overland Storage

Overland Storage

Be sure to check out Overland Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices. From the 110-160 GB as pictured on the left to the 650 (right) that can scale to 84TB, Overland has a Mobotix certified and tested unit that is appropriate for your size project.

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