MxIgnite - Dallas

The training that teaches you about the MOBOTIX decentralized camera line and how to upgrade your MOBOTIX Surveillance project to a Hybrid On-premise/Cloud Solution.



ABP is hosting MxIgnite, a two-day class for everything MOBOTIX - a robust and affordable decentralized IP camera solution - and MxMSP™, the complementary managed services and cloud platform for MOBOTIX. Integrators, MSPs, and security companies are all invited - and encouraged - to attend.

ABP Tech’s Physical Security Solutions Specialist, Osvaldo Morales will provide training on both the MOBOTIX Camera and MxMSP™ - our cloud solution for the MOBOTIX ecosystem. You will learn the benefits of MOBOTIX decentralized architecture and how to set up the system overall.This is a fast-paced but thoughtful introductory training course where attendees will leave well-versed and confident to implement the powerful solutions MOBOTIX offers.



Take MOBOTIX to the Cloud

Ever wanted a simpler way to configure, manage, and monitor MOBOTIX cameras and affiliated physical security efforts?  MxMSP™  elevates MOBOTIX solutions to a new level for both partners and end users. Secure Cloud access makes MOBOTIX installations and maintenance much easier, faster, reduces costs, and increases end user satisfaction. Make more money and scale your business by winning projects while utilizing fewer resources.

We hope you will take advantage of this MxIgnite training and see how MOBOTIX with MxMSP™ will improve your business. The two-day training will feature the following:

  • Understanding the MOBOTIX concept, architecture & scalability advantages
  • Learn basic camera configuration
  • Recording on SD cards, on-premise NAS or cloud storage
  • Overview of integration capabilities
  • Embedded analytics, patented activity sensor
  • High resolution, yet lower power and lower bandwidth, autonomous functions and controls
  • Secure cloud-based Remote Health Monitoring and Management capability
  • MxLINQ™ - Cloud-based full access and alerting platform for end users
  • AlarmReady™ Universal Video Verification for MOBOTIX solutions


Who should attend this training?

MxIgnite participants can choose to attend Day 1, Day 2, or both days.

Day 1 - Intro to MOBOTIX

  • Day 1 is perfect for anyone that is new to MOBOTIX's decentralized surveillance solutions. Sales and techs are encouraged to attend.  Long-time MOBOTIX partner may skip day one or use as warm-up. Great for your new employees to teach them the basics of MOBOTIX.

Day 2 - MxMSP / MxLINQ Foundation Training & hands-on Lab

  • Day 2 you learn how to deploy, remotely configure, monitor and manage a MOBOTIX system using MxMSP™.  Perfect for integrators, managers and techs. Provides comprehensive system overview and practical lab on how both MxMSP & MxLINQ work and get set up.


Why attend this training?


  • Learn how to sell & win deals for MOBOTIX cameras against competition.
  • Get up to speed on Mx6 series cameras and MX concept in general (Learn how to qualify device/project).
  • Learn how to deploy MOBOTIX and give your customers cloud access with MxLINQ™.
  • Learn to bring cameras online, record and export video through MxMC.
  • Learn how to deploy, provision and remotely manage projects with MxMSP™.
  • Learn how to configure MxLINQ™, the platform that gives your customers access to live video, cloud recording and will send links to vidoes over SMS, generate time lapses, archive events beyond retention time and export m MxPEG and MP4 in MxLINQ™.
  • Learn how to remotely change configurations, new load firmware and even reboot devices remotely with VigorSwitch.
  • Learn how to enable heatmaps, people counting and buttons to remotely manage devices on MOBOTIX with MxLINQ™.
  • Connect your camera system to an alarm system to enable AlarmReady™ Owner Video Verification on MxLINQ™.
  • Meet other successsful MOBOTIX Partners. Socialize with peers during the two-day event.


Cost of Training:

$199 and includes the following:

  • Breakfast, lunch, documentation & training materials
  • (1) VigorSwitch P2121-IPT - our cloud-managed, 8-port PoE switch for you to keep (MSRP $280)
  • 10% off any (1) MOBOTIX camera per company (excluding thermal cameras)
  • Bring up to (2) attendees per company


Workshop Schedule and Location:

February 13-14, 2020 @ 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 


13988 Diplomat Drive, Suite 180
Dallas, TX 75234


What is required?

  • Basic networking and computer knowledge
  • Laptop with permissions to change IP adapter settings
  • Software will be downloaded via
  • Industry camera experience is recommended, but product experience is not necessary
  • ABP will provide demo cameras for the training. 


Seating is limited. We recommend registering a seat immediately (Complete registration top left corner). Please contact us at with any questions regarding our events, products, or services. We hope to see you there!


Disclaimer: Any content on this page is subject to change without notice. 

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