ABP's UC Office in a Box



ABPTech is packaging the Patton SNBX, 3CX Phone System, and the snom 7XX series IP phones to create the ultimate UC Office-in-a-Box solution for our resellers.

The bundle comes with the following Best of Breed:

  • Patton SNBX with 3CX phone system and Windows 7 pre-loaded
  • Your choice of 8 or 16 simultaneous calls, with or without Call Center
  • snom 7XX IP phones
  • OPTIONAL: VoIP routers for all-IP-set ups and VoIP gateways for legacy connectivity

Why Should I Get this Bundle?

EASY to Sell:

The UC Office-in-a-Box simplifies your ordering process. To choose your package, simply ask yourself:

  1. How many simultaneous calls are necessary?
  2. How many phones do you need?
  3. Would you like to use traditional phone lines or SIP trunks?

EASY to Install:

The SNBX will ship to your door with Windows 7 and 3CX Phone System already installed. From there, simply enter your 3CX license key from ABPTech to unlock your simultaneous calls and configure your extensions.

EASY to Support:

ABPTech becomes a single point of contact for service and can foward your issue to the appropriate channel if necessary.

Fits Any Office:

Does the office want to use SIP trunks or would they like to keep their existing traditional phone lines? Would they like to take a hybrid approach? Does the office have existing legacy telephony equipment (phones, paging, speakers, fax, etc.) that they need to integrate?

Not a problem. ABPTech will help you add the right SmartNode VoIP Gateway to your bundle ensuring that everything works together.

NOTE: Offer valid until October 31, 2013 or while supplies last.


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