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XQAND Monitoring and Operating

In our past newsletter on the XQAND line, XQAND: More Than Meets the Eye, we explained that this NAS Platform provides much more than just Video Storage. XQAND offers automated setup for MOBOTIX cameras, FTP service so you can see a camera from many simultaneous clients, a time server and well defined scalability.

Now, XQAND has added even more, offering a new web portal free of charge for NAS server system health monitoring. For a small upgrade charge, the system will also monitor the health of all connected MOBOTIX cameras. The XQAND unit reports to a web service periodically (every six minutes to be exact) to report drive health, processor and memory load, constant power connection, etc. You can log into this service wherever you are to see the status of all units deployed; or if you'd rather take a more hands-off approach, you can choose to have it emailed to you (or whoever you chose) when an issue (or warning even for potential issues) arise. XQAND server will poll all units regularly and if the units do not respond know that the network or NAS is down advising you so you can take proactive action. You could possibly have it fixed before your customer even knows they have an issue. Just imagine what that could do for your customer service and retention! XQAND's focus in monitoring is to enable you to become proactive rather than reactive. Many of our partners are offering managed services to raise their monthly income and XQAND is absolutely the best product to help you offer a reliable managed service.

The camera monitoring, which you can upgrade, also is extremely useful. The NAS will "ping" each camera periodically to ensure they are up and running. In addition, they scan the camera log for any errors. If the camera cannot be pinged, you will be alerted that there is a potential network or power issue via the web portal or an email, whichever you prefer. It will also let you know of any errors found in the camera log and report.

This is the first of many ground-breaking products we plan to offer with monitoring-service capabilities to allow you to proactively discover any issues from your deployed infrastructure, cameras, phone system, or other IP devices. Stay tuned for additional details as we add these. You will find all of this in ABP’s soon to be announced new portal in a special section for  Advanced Services. 

Please contact your ABP representative by calling 972-831-1600 x3 or email sales@abptech.com for more details about the XQAND product line.

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