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Fanvil X6U High-end IP Phone

Featuring three color displays, newly added line keys with LED light and built-in Bluetooth, Fanvil X6U provides the direct access to instructions, aiming to offering greater flexibility, productivity, to exceed the different demands of businesses. Harman speaker and wideband codec of G.722 and Opus in this device deliver you an immersive HD audio experience in both high band and low band with the network.



Fanvil X6U  

High-definition Audio, High-efficiency Work

Given to superb Harman speaker and wideband codec G.722 and Opus, HD audio in Fanvil X6U enables you to enjoy a crystal-clear and high-efficient group communication.



Elegant Outlook, Easy Operation

Housing a more intuitive design with a 4.3-inch 480x272 color LCD, two 2.4-inch color side LCDs, 60 DSS keys and 5 line keys with LED light, Fanvil X6U allows a more user-friendly feature customization.



Greater Interoperability and Collaboration

Matched with accessories, like EHS headset via EHS Cable, WiFi via WiFi dongle and built-in Bluetooth, Fanvil X6U is designed to encourage your flexibility on work.


SIP Hotspot

Worked as the SIP hotspot, Fanvil X6U can expand SIP account to other IP phones and achieve group ringing in LAN. When one client receives a call, all the clients will ring. When one of them is answered, all of them will stop ringing.


Key Features

  • HD audio with Harman speaker and wideband codec G.722 and Opus
  • 4.3-inch 480x272-pixel color display
  • Two 2.4-inch 320x240-pixel color side display
  • 20 SIP lines


  • 60 DDS keys, 5 line keys with LED light
  • Dual Gigabit port, POE integrated
  • Support built-in Bluetooth
  • Support EHS wireless headset
  • Support WiFi via WiFi dongle
  • Support IPv4, IPv6 protocol

Did you know?

1. The easiest way to connect phones for people working remotely is using NATPass - a native ABP service that allows you to connect your phones without needing a local SBC (Session Border Controller) and any other messy wires.

2.You now have the ability to monitor your phone and QoS with IPTECHVIEW - a remote monitoring and management tool.

3. You no longer have to remember all your passwords to your RPS accounts. Point your phones to the right system from the time you order the phones with ABP's Safe&Easy ZTP.

These are all ABP's unique value-add services. Contact us at 972-831-1600, option 3 or sales@abptech.com to discuss how these services can benefit your business.


Fanvil Demo Kit Program

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