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DrayTek Vigor 2925n Router

Upgrade your Internet with the DrayTek Vigor 2925 Series of Small Business Routers

Do your customers need a redundant Business Class Internet service or a robust state of the art router with solid security features? Look no further! The new DrayTek Vigor 2925 series is here to replace the current Vigor 2920 models with more features.

The Vigor 2925n includes multi-WAN, load balancing and failover, Quality of Service, firewall with stateful packet inspection, and web content filtering, all at a great price point. It comes with dual Gigabit WAN ports and 5 LAN ports. The DrayTek 2925n also run on a faster processor allowing 50 VPN tunnels and an impressive VPN throughput of 60 Mbps and firewall throughput of 300 Mpbs.

Your customers will be impressed with the pristine audio in their IP Phone calls, high quality IP Video links and the robustness brought to them by automatic failover/load balancing. They will experience continuous and uninterrupted access to all critical cloud services even when one of the Internet link fails while doubling overall Internet throughput speed for the entire network when both links are available. Your customers will also have the following additional benefits when utilizing this DrayTek router:

  • Enhanced security to protect the network and defend against most denial of service attacks
  • Secure remote VPN tunnels for most VPN flavors, including SSL VPN
  • VLANs with 5 LAN subnets
  • Content Management - Control over what runs in the network.
  • Limited access to time waster and unsafe websites by user and user groups
  • Fast and secure wireless access to the network. Multi-SSID rate controlled 802.11n (n and n-plus models)

Come Train with Us!

We are hosting a FREE one-and-a-half day DrayTek training event on February 25 & 26 at ABP Technology. All IT, network technicians and project managers are invited to join us.

Training will include extensive discussions and guided how-to for configuration and maintenance including:

  • New CVM features
  • VPN Solutions and Utilization
  • Multi-WAN Feature Utilization
  • Load Balancing and Route Policy
  • ACS SI
  • Web Content Filtering
  • User Managment
  • Central AP Management
  • Troubleshooting

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DrayTek Vigor2860

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