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"The" Router for your Business

The Vigor2860 series router is a business class, dual-WAN ADSL2+/VDSL2 router and firewall. Enjoy an "Always on Redundancy Guaranteed" Internet and higher speed through load balancing. The high performance, feature set and outstanding quality of this router already won it International Excellence awards. DrayTek will take your Internet to the next level.

Standard features:

  • Smart Fail-over and Load Balancing Options
  • High Security through Object-based SPI Firewall and CSM (Content Security Management) for network security
  • 32 VPN tunnels with comprehensive secure protocols
  • Supports multiple VPNs & VPN Load balancing for multiple VPN Types (PPTP/L2TP/IPsec)
  • Multiple VLANs/ LAN subnets
  • 6 x Gigabit LAN ports
  • 2 USB ports for 3G/4G mobile, FTP server and network printers
  • VoIP Ready QOS
  • New advanced features:

  • Centralized extended WiFi & Access Point management
  • 6 x Gigabit LAN ports
  • VDSL2 and ADSL compatible port
  • Simultaneous Dual band WiFi 2.4 & 5 GHz (plus model)
  • Centralized Graphic VPN management
  • ABP Introducing New Product Line - IP Infrastructure

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