IP Technology Distribution

Brickcom manufacturers a full range of quality Megapixel IP cameras for professional video surveillance.

Brickcom offer Integrators and Resellers a well rounded and complete line of professional Megapixel IP cameras. Brickcom's portfolio covers different resolutions from 1.3 to 5.0 Megapixels.

A modern design, indoor and outdoor and support for WiFi and 3G/4G and a single User Interface and Software API makes this one of the best brands to carry.

Brickcom caters to the professional in the IP surveillance field and designs its own products. Brickcom has a solid foundation in engineering network video equipment with a Research and Development Department that has been producing wireless broadband networking equipment for two decades.

Brickcom is committed to producing only products that render superior quality video imaging.

Brickcom's entire suite of products is backed by a 2-year warranty.

ABP has rigorously tested Brickcom and verified Inter operability with several leading NVR manufactures like Milestone to ensure its superior performance.

We notice that Brickcom strives to develop software and hardware with the latest chip technology, analytics and new innovative ideas.


We believe Brickcom has the potential to become your strongest middle field IP camera.





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