IP Technology Distribution

Altai has developed a patented long range WiFi technology that improves the WiFi signal coverage.

The Altai Super WiFi Solution offers long range unlicensed spectrum Wi-Fi. Altai solutions have been proven in both urban and remote application in over 60 countries and regions.

ABP has deployed Altai in city wide solution in USA and Latin America as well as in long range point to point solutions where mesh was not an option. Altai has worked exceptionally well in cases where we need a good link like in surveillance camera and VoIP over Wifi applications.

Altai’s flagship product, the A8 Super WiFi base station, is being deployed with various WiMax, 3G, CDMA and GSM mobile systems globally for 3G data offloading and city-wide WiFi networks.

The Altai Super WiFi Solution offers a total wireless solution comprising of base station, access points, CPE client/bridge and on software side access controller and wireless management software.

Please call your ABP representative to discuss your application scenario with detail so we can determine if Altai would be your best choice.


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