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ABP Tech Joined Antenna Manufacturer ALGcom at Wispapalooza Las Vegas

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High performance antenna manufacturer ALGcom is dedicated to innovation, research and development, offering an impressive lineup of products, including:


UHP - Ultra High Performance Antenna - 5.5 to 5.875 GHz

Parabolic Shielded Antenna - 5.25 to 5.875 GHz & 5.5 to 6.425 GHz

Microwave Antennas - 3.7 to 4.3 GHz;  4.4 a 5.0 GHz; 6.425 to 7.125 GHz; 7.125 to 8.5 GHz & 10 to 11.7 GHz

Dish Antennas - 4.9 to 5.875 GHz

Sector Shielded Antenna 4.9 to 5.875 GHz


A20 A22 Digium IP Phone for Asterisk

ALGcom's Ultra High Performance antennas were designed based on high technology to ensure the best performance for unlicensed frequency bands.


They are used for point-to-point wireless links and have a back coupling for shielded boxes as well as a special bracket system that allows an easy and precise link alignment.


ALGcom's product line features greater noise immunity, ensuring high performance even in regions with high interference. This is particularly efficient due to:

- High irradiation performance with excellent noise immunity

- Dual Slant links +/- 45°

- Robust support and easy alignment


Visitors to the booth at the Wispapalooza Las Vegas show were impressed with the excellent product quality. One attendee said that in his experience with ALGcom antennas, he noticed an increase on his backhaul performance, describing it as a "huge win -win." Many other customers mentioned that they have had great success using them, as well.


















ALGcom has been developing antennas for over 15 years with over 3,000 WISPs that have used these products to develop networks, proving that these antennas have been the perfect solution in cases with noise and gain problems.


ABP Technology is a U.S. distributor of ALGcom antennas. Contact ABP Tech to request a demo unit at a very reasonable price.



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