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Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

ABP has more than six years of experience providing Security Dealers and Integrators with the right equipment for their needs.

Similar to the telephone world that changed from analog to digital to IP in less than two decades, the Security Industry has seen a rapid shift from analog to hybrid to full IP.

ABP Tech has selected leading IP camera and access control solutions for our integrators and surveillance resellers partners. In a time of technology change and in a world were new products proliferate fast, it becomes more important than ever to deal with a partner that understands the technology and the market's needs and carefully selects only quality products, supports them and can also gives advice on which solutions to use.

ABP Tech has tested all products we sell and will provide pre-sales and post-support to partners. We are setup to provide Security Resellers with a complete line of interop tested products so our partners can choose the best solutions among several market leaders supported by ABP Tech and get delivery of complete IP surveillance systems including video storage, fixtures, cabling solutions, illumination and also supporting IP Infrastructure like routers, switches, wireless infrastructure and UPS when needed. Also learn about our more advanced physical security solutions based on video analytics, access control or biometrics. Last but not least ABP helps security partners when they need to install VoIP solutions, Video Conferencing, IP Paging or Digital Signage solutions.

ABP Tech offers different types of partner training from our quarterly reseller webinar on what's new in the industry, training events in our Dallas HQ. or our roadshows across the Americas by  the ABP Tech team jointly with some of our leading vendors.


ABP Tech only sells tested and carefully selected technology solutions. We have product managers that are industry experts to provide our partners with free pre-sales support. Please use us as an extension of your team. Our entire customer facing team knows our products so they can assist you in your projects.


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