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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We gather certain types of information about our customers and want to help you understand the terms and conditions affecting the collection and use of that information. This privacy statement discloses the types of information we gather, and how we use it. This applies to the Web site that you were viewing when accessing this policy.


What information does ABP International, Inc. (ABP Technology) collect and why?


We collect the data you fill in when you create an account with us (Account data), transation data, and cookie data. Account data is simply the information that allows us to identify you with your transations, contact you, and ship to you. Transation data is the information required to determine what you purchased from us, and bill you for the products or services you order. Cookie data is information that is kept on your web client from a website. We collect it for ease of use, such as remembering parts of your account when you make a repeat visit. This makes logging back in a lot easier for you. We also collect cookie data for understanding our customers needs on our website better. In doing this we do collect your IP address, which is only associated to you personally after an account is created.


ABP International Inc. (ABP Technology) will not sell your information to any third party


The data we collect is for our internal use and/or for partners where the data was collected in relationship to a partnership or special program. It will not be sold to any third party.


For questions please contact us at admin@abptech.com and we will gladly explain anything further.

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