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A better way to converge your voice, data and video over existing wiring.

Phybridge Switches are the only data switches globally to deliver 24 or 48 Ethernet ports with Power over a single pair of telephony grade wire with 4 times the reach of traditional switches.

At ABP Tech we chose Phybridge as a strategic partner for phone deployments in spaces wired for CAT 3 as well as multi-camera deployments. 

While Phybridge could be seen as a way to save on rewiring, in many cases Phybridge actually may be a better solution in that it creates a separate network for the phones with fast links, including POE, and creates a very robust and clean deployment environment. It objectively creates a more secure and more reliable voice network. Conceptually instead of running all IP devices in a mixed unified network at the edge this technology unifies the network at the core while resolving the the 300' limitation of POE.

IP Cameras and Wireless Access points for WiFi deployments are the other important deployment scenarios for this technology.  While  there are other point to point Ethernet  extenders for single cameras this product provides as clean and compact backend for up to 24 or 48 IP cameras per unit. Individual ports can be reset via its GUI making this a great device to troubleshoot devices remotely.

Phybridge wins in most network design scenarios for multiple distant POE devices and is a robust and well engineered solution that exceeds expectations.