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ITS Telecom Door Openers

ITS Door Phones

SIP Opens Doors for IP PBX or Security Management Systems

ITS Telecom provides a full line of VoIP Access Control Systems for IP environments, with connectivity to SIP IP PBXs and SIP phones.

ABP has certified ITS Door openers with several IP PBX platforms, Mobotix IP Cameras and several Access Control / Security System management platforms.

ITS door phones are vandalism proof machined out of a sold piece of aluminum with piezoelectric keys providing full duplex telephone communications in an outdoors environment including speakerphone mode and remote door opening. On the model with dialpad the door phone enables authorized visitors to enter a 4-digit access code to unlock the entrance door or a direct extension can be dialed. The person answering can opoen door by typing a code to open the door.

The ITS Door Phones have been designed for indoor and outdoor use.

ITS Telecom Access Control systems combine many great features, a new Graphical User Interface for secure remote management.

ABP has interop tested this product with Mobotix cameras to create a high-end vandalism proof outdoor / indoor video door opener combination.

This product is only sold through certified resellers and with ABP Technical support.

Contact ABP to learn more about these Peripheral devices.

Technical Specifications


Pancode IP - Piezo Keypad. Aluminum case. Piezo keypad. Optional Color Video Camera. Anti-vandal. Weather resistant. Outdoor/Indoor Installation. Speed dial button.

Pantel IP - Piezo Single Button. Aluminum case. Piezo single button. Anti-vandal. Weather resistant. Optional Color Video Camera. Outdoor/Indoor Installation. Speed dial button


Technical Specifications

VoIP (Ethernet) Interface

Piezo Case type

Entry access codes (Only Pancode)

Direct link to operator or receptionist

Internal door opening code from any extension        

Hands- free operation

Weather & vandal resistance (Piezo systems)

Day/night mode         

Speed dial mode        

Programmable conversation time-out

Volume control adjustment

Integration with card readers & security devices

20 DTMF Character support

SIP Protocol Support 

Power over Ethernet

Voice activation technology  

Remote opening from remote sites

Audio codec selection           

Programming & setup using GUI

Outdoor/Indoor Installation

Support 12V AC power supply




Pancode / Pantel Installation Program Manual 1MB

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