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Analog VoIP Gateways

AudioCodes Analog Gateways

AudioCodes 2 - 24 Analog VoIP Gateways

The MediaPack™ Analog Media Gateway are rock solid field proven analog gateways with a mature and solid SIP implementation.

Audiocodes product family is based on AudioCode's' field-proven carrier class and best-of-breed VoIP technology. Featuring 2, 4, 8 or 24 analog ports, the gateways connect analog terminals, PBXs or key systems to the IP network using FXO or FXS connectivity.

Compliant with multiple protocols including SIP, H.323, MGCP and MEGACO, the Analog Media Gateways enable flexible deployment and interoperability for the evolving next generation networks. Using AudioCodes' Analog Media Gateways, Network Equipment Providers and System Integrators can effectively deliver carrier-hosted converged services as well as enterprise-based applications.

Package an AudioCodes Gateway with a proxy to provide SIP VoIP telephony over your private or public Internet connection, and connectivity to the PTSN for a complete Enterprise telephony solution!

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Technical Specifications
Product Applications Scenarios

General Specifications

The MediaPack™ product family are cost –effective, cutting edge technology solutions. These stand-alone analog VoIP Gateway subsystems provide superior voice-technology for connecting legacy telephony and PBX systems as well as integration with new IP-Based PBX architecture.

This product line is well suited for VoIP deployments and are designed to be fully interoperable with leading SoftSwitches, Gatekeepers, and SIP servers.

The new MediaPack™ unit coming out includes:

  • Enlarged FLASH, RAM and DSP memory as well as more powerful processor and enhanced features such as IP, SRTP, HTTPS and more.
  • Small foot print, slick plastic enclosure
  • Outdoor protection and surge immunity according to TNV-3, as standard ordering option.
  • Port to Port Fall Back on the mixed FXS/FXO product variants.
  • Backwards compatibility with the MP-1XX (H.323, MGCP, SIP, provisioning, etc.)
  • Analog front capabilities (CID, long Haul, MWI, Metering tones, etc.) as the MP-10X
  • Designed for improved homologation coverage for FXO variant.


spans 2 - 24 analog ports

IP network 10/100 Base-T Ethernet

MGCP, H.248, H.323, SIP

Web MGMT for easy config and install

Selectable, multiple LBR coders per channel

Supports FXS/FXO

Echo cancellor, jitter, buffer, VAD adn CNG

T.38 compliant

Internal power supply


Technical Specifications

Please download the PDF file for complete specifications

Product Applications Scenarios

Enterprise VoIP deployment

POTS & FAX extensions for IP PBX

VoIP private PBX networking

Calling cards, pay phones, hotels

MTU access gateways

VoIP app servers (UM, recording/monitoring)



AudioCodes Gateways Data Sheet

VoIP White Paper

AudioCodes MP11X Series Data Sheet

MediaPack™ is a trade mark of AudioCodes Ltd.

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