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Resellers are key to providing solutions to small and medium business that rely on them as trusted technology partners of their IT needs. However resellers are increasingly seeing products being sold directly online and are shifting their model to offering new solutions that cannot be done easily in-house and to work with supply chain partners that protect their interests.

ABP Tech is committed to our reseller partners’ continued success. We diligently seek out and source a broad range of innovative yet practical solutions that are selling well in the small and medium business space. 
Our business model is based on focusing on a subset of proven and tested solutions we know are selling and having a long-term relationship with our reseller partners. We provide resellers with a complete line of interop tested solutions for IP Telephony, IP Surveillance, Video Conferencing, Digital Signage and others so our partners can choose the best solutions for their customers among several market leaders.  Our product managers are industry experts that will provide you with free pre-sales support. Please consider us as an extension of YOUR team. 
ABP Techs offers free pre-sales support to help partners find the right solutions for their projects. Post-sales support is available when needed to ensure that even a first installation in a new technology field will be a success.  We thrive helping our reseller partners get into new areas of expertise and offer a wide range of reseller training from our quarterly reseller webinar on what's new in the industry, training events in our Dallas HQ and our joint roadshows with leading vendor partners across the Americas. 
At ABP Tech we believe that a robust infrastructure is the backbone and foundation of a business's IT and communications. We see a large demand for updating and replacing old unreliable and mismatched equipment with new future proof infrastructure. Therefore we offers our partners a line of professional IP Infrastructure products with protected online prices so you can update and secure your customer's IP Infrastructure for today's high-bandwidth requirements and Cloud Centric environment.