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Great Surveillance Starts with a Great Network

I bet you never thought you would want to have control over your customer's router!  Now-a-days it's critical for you as the integrator to either work very close with a company's IT team, or in many cases to personally help the customer determine what's the best router for a secure and effective surveillance setup. 

How many times have you struggled with your customer's consumer routers and become frustrated with the limited feature set, clunky GUI and lack of security?  Have you ever wished to remotely port-forward things, or maybe you wanted to separate your cameras from the rest of the network with a dedicated VLAN so nobody could mess with your installation but your customer's router refused to cooperate?  How about the risk of company network traffic being taped through an outside camera drop?

DrayTek makes it extremely simple to setup a secure network that with perfect building blocks for your customers, data, voice and surveillance solutions.  DrayTek routers are flexible enough to set up any network scenario a company may need.  With an intuitive GUI and easy setup wizards, they require no formal training or specialized technicians to install. 

A surveillance solution needs a lot of bandwidth upstream for monitoring cameras and may need multiple Internet links to accomplish overall load.  You need a router that can easily load-balance between different types of WAN connections like DSL, cable, fiber to ensure you never run out of bandwidth. 

The latest DrayTek routers also include LTE support, which comes in handy during a security breach, even in the DSL line, fiber or cable are cut. 

One of the best VPN routers in the market according to Network World, DrayTek lets you easily dial-in and connect to your cameras without messy port-forwarding to set up.  What's more they now offer a free VPN dial-up tool for use on Windows and Mac OS, as well as iPhones and Android phones; so you can easily connect to your cameras on the go. 

All these features are built-in on DrayTek routers, without any hidden costs or complex licensing, making them the perfect routers for any surveillance project.

To top it off, DrayTek's ACS Centralized Management tool enables integrators to remotely monitor hundres of customer routers.  You can proactively manage any video quality or bandwidth issues that may arise over the years.

Check out ABP's events for our next DrayTek training sessions and technical webinars.  For more information on all that DrayTek can do, you can also check out DrayTekUSA.com