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2014 has been a busy year for DrayTek so far, and we bring you a quick summary of the cool stuff that has been announced and released in recent weeks.

To keep you up to date on DrayTek advancements, we're holding our next webinar on April 14th at 11AM. More information coming soon.


Central VPN Management

We love the new Central VPN Management feature available now in Vigor 2925 and 2860 series. No more frustrating LAN-to-LAN VPN configuration, setup a PPTP or IPSec LAN-to-LAN VPN with a single click!

Draytek 2925 2860 Central VPN Management

Other useful CVM features include CPE management via TR-069. Scheduled or manual Backup and Restore of CPE Configuration and firmware upgrades through the CVM.




Central AP Management

Introduced in the Vigor 2860 and 2925 routers' recent firmware releases are useful AP management features such as Plug-and-Play, Remote AP Configuration, AP Traffic Graph, Rogue AP Detection, AP Load Balance/Sharing etc.

Draytek AP 900 2860 2925 Maintenance



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