IP Technology Distribution

Cloud Companies

Cloud Companies

IT and networking solutions are becoming more ubiquitous and cookie cutter and support can be done centrally very effectively. Many smaller to medium sized companies are embracing the hosted model for their core services.



Service provider's core competency is to build resilient and effective network infrastructure and develop solid support procedures for customer service.

Service Providers excel in this area however are often not interested in developing logistics, configuring devices, QC, shipping and reverse logistics part of their core competence.


ABP's engineering team has developed middleware solutions and a procedure to combine our customers' order /billing workflow into our ERP and workflow to automate pre-configured products or bundles of products for fulfillment, reduce mistakes and cost for all parties. 


ABP has become a key partner to do the equipment handling from sending out preconfigured elements to managing DOA, RMAs and doing vendor centric reverse logistics. Consider to use ABP as an extension of your organization to do the fulfillment of all your Customer Premise Equipment needs. 

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