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Aastra is the Leader in Large Enterprise IP PBX Solutions

Aastra is a leading global communications company providing solutions for large mission-critical enterprise environments as well as for SMB space. Aastra is one of the few platforms today that can truly scale into the tens of thousands of users. Aastra prides itself  of  meeting customers' communication technology needs while exceeding their expectations for value and performance.

A few years back Aastra enriched its product portfolio through the acquisition of DeTeWe from Germany and combined the design and rich features of these products with Aastra's own IP technology. This has lead to the creation of the whole new family of innovative and leading IP Phones that have had great acceptance in the market. Covering SIP phones, LYNC(TM) Phones and Aastras line of Blue Star VideoPhone Solution.

Aastra BluStar Ecosystem Devices and Clients





The unique featureset for Enterprise customers and the quality of software where main reasons why ABP selected Aastra as one of our premium phone handset lines for large accounts.

Aastra offers a wide range of robust business class phones designe in Germany and built to last. 

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