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IP Communications

3CX is the most widely deployed IP Telephony solution for the Microsoft Windows Platform.

3CX has become the de-facto standard in the Windows segment in both North and Latin American markets.

The company provides a rock solid PBX platform for both standalone as well as Windows Server based implementations. With 3CX Multi Tenant, resellers can take advantage of cloud virtualization opening a entire new market in the world of virtual and redundant processes. Windows and VM Ware resellers excel deploying this phone system and build their own redundant solutions.

ABP distributes all IP phones supported on the 3CX platform. ABP recommends ideal switches and routers for  mixed voice and data networks such as Draytek and Planet.  We can also provide you with alternative suggestions.

A solid SIP enabled and Voice QOS optimized router will make a difference. You might even consider a second link with our popular MultiWAN router models. Switching Infrastructure is frequently patched together and as customers incorporate voice its the best time to upgrade their switches. 

If you are building a hosted solution or your client has many remote users ask us about NAT Pass our 3CX tested NAT Traversal solution. 

3CX is Open Standards based and interoperates with all major brands of SIP equipment and SIP based services.



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